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Photo Credit:  Millie B Photography

Photo Credit:  Millie B Photography


Blush is a fresh and trendy bridal boutique for Nebraska brides and their wedding parties. Blush offers gorgeous, exclusive bridal gowns, as well as delicate handmade veils, textured hairpieces, ornate accessories, and a large selection of hand crafted MEG jewelry.

Blush’s personal stylists are passionate about bridal fashion and giving you unparalleled personal attention. Whether you have a vision for your bridal look or need some advice, Blush stylists are here for you. Once you find your gown and become a Blush Bride, we will toast with some bubbly!

At Blush, we feel strongly about creating trusting, honest relationships with our brides! Your first appointment is the beginning of a personal relationship that will last for a better part of a year.



5801 South 58th Street Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68516

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10-7:30

Wednesday: 10-5

Thursday: 12-7:30

Friday: 10-5

Saturday: 10-5

Sunday: 12-4


Phone: 402.261.5615